Healing Made Simple


Antoon Soetens  – chemical engineer – scientist – inventor

1966 biological and clinical research Simon Stevin institute Bruges Belgium – Dr Peeters advices me by letter to do research.
1968 – 1971 research in the nutrition sector Johannesburg South Africa
1972 independently with numerous inventions and achievements of all kinds. Silver medal international exhibition of inventions in Geneva in 1982. 

2007 invention logical way healing – patent 2007/0332 Belgium –

A Norwegian professor designates me as the “engineering doctor”
2015 discovery how to reactivate the thymus.
2017 discovery of a biological dental filling.



BE  CURED  WITH  A  SMILE  without side effects



The invention
  • The new healing method puts an end to diseases, cancers, viruses, vaccinations and quarantines.
  • The solution is the discovery of the complementary areas of man and nature.
  • Your body sends out signals to get help, nature gives the help.
  • Given its simplicity, everyone can heal themselves, without side effects
Note: you only need a doctor in case of an accident.
If one understands the complexity, then the solution can be simple.
The human biological system with 100% living cells has infinite complexity.
  • no cell is sufficiently known.
  • the physical properties of a cell are unprecedented, namely its magnetic properties because planet Earth is a magnet. Without these magnetic properties, there is no life.
  • more the totality of the cells is unprecedented.
  • furthermore, living cells are protected by billions of security codes to prevent manipulation and no code is known.
  • every scientist, doctor and pharmacist know that one cannot edit disorder of living cells with dead cells (chemicals=poison), the side effects are the proof.
  • however dead cells are used to manufacture medications, an illogical act.
  • normally, the mouth (our first control system) will not accept that poison and report “spit out that poison.”
  • and as it turns out, the scientists, doctors and pharmacists process the drug into a swallowing pill to deceive the mouth. This act is punishable by law with the intention of poisoning the biological system and causing damage and sometimes with deadly consequences.
  • the damage is proven by the numerous side effects: nausea, headaches, … too much to mention (see the leaflet) and the goal of a cure is not achieved.
  • the intentional poisoning is also caused by injections and vaccinations in the veins, all filtering systems of the biological system are bypassed here and the consequences are even worse: onset of autism, dyslexia, anorexia, … and sometimes death as a result.
Hippocrates stated ” Primum non nocere “- “first avoid harm”,
– every doctor has confirmed these words in his swearing-in, but the reality is reversed: the patient is poisoned!
But the poisoning has another origin, namely: the food. 90% of the food contains additives (chemicals) that are poison.
The soil that is the basis for growing vegetables and crops is processed with chemicals: fertilizers, pesticides, … this manipulates, among other things, the structure of the crops and fruits and already contains poison. The structure change is a side effect that the poison wants to remove faster, usually the plant or fruit gets bigger but reduces the quality, more it becomes a toxic product.
Furthermore, the cosmetics also contain poison.
The control is simple if one cannot eat or drink the cosmetics product don´t use it, because the osmosis effect is manipulated by chemicals the poison is able to penetrate in the biological system.
In short, man is poisoned day and night and that is allowed by law, there is no greater nonsense, a LAW may NEVER harm anyone.
In 2007, I discovered the solution by chance, since I know from experience that it biological system cannot be restored internally with medicines (drugs)
– I had several systems that were not working correctly: circulation, metabolism, pressure in the head, forgetfulness, digestive problems, cramps, perspiration, ..
– by checking my head: pressing in different zones and I discovered sensitive and painful zones.
– Immediately my reaction was: the body gives a signal that means: ” In this zone I wish to be treated”.
– I examined my head by pressing in different zones and I discovered sensitive and painful places.
– I used a natural product, rubbed it on the skin for some seconds, twice a day and after 12 hours I had a positive reaction.
– Then I examined the entire body for sensitive or painful areas, and some were treated with other natural products.
– The relationship between nature and man was discovered, resulting in spectacular healings: physical and psychological, including Alzheimer’s, dementia, … there are no limits, nature makes no distinction if you apply for the parts correctly and if you are able to walk and eat.
Conclusion: man and nature are complementary and helpful.
· A Parisian scientist reported in 2008: “the scientists have looked in the wrong direction”.
· I was the guinea pig and after 9000 hours of research I evidence that the solution is simple if one follows the logic.
· All natural products of treatment were discovered.
· It is obvious that there are no side effects.
· Experimental tests prove the efficiency, the more the treatment is personalized, your body selects only the necessary cells to perform a recovery.
How do you get sick?
If your body is poisoned or if the bio computers have to process too much and for too long, negative signals such as stress, sadness, fatigue, unhelpfulness, unreasonableness, …, a bio- computer blocks and send signals in specific places.
If these signals are not treated, your body will change your behavioral pattern so that your fellow human beings can see that you have a problem: you become nervous, you do not tolerate sound, you become short-tempered, you perspire, in short you become an unsocial person.
If still no help comes, the weakest system will be attacked: bio-computers (head), or circulatory or lymphatic system or metabolic system or digestive system or central nervous system and with time several systems become disrupted and one gets sick and later you get cancer if the treatment contains poison=medicines.
The solution
Solution through a personalized diagnosis + personalized treatment.
  • Send an email to antoon.soetens@outlook.com and request your diagnosis according to the invention.
  • Answer about 50 yes or no questions and we can map weak systems + work out your personalized treatment.
  • You receive the diagnosis.
  • Donate according to your assets, for example 1% of your annual net income, we must join forces, health is a right for anyone.
  • Or contact your government, they might intervene.
  • You receive your personalized treatment.
  • Even if you are not sick, it is advisable to do a check-up, we discover your weak systems and the first signals. The check-up ensures lifelong health and the quality of your DNA will increase and promotes creativity + spirituality + ….

In 2017 I discovered that the law allows chemicals in food and medicines!!!

There is no greater unreasonableness, A LAW SHOULD NEVER HARM MAN.
I informed the Belgian Prime Minister Mr. Charles Michel by registered letter on 5 November, 2017 and on 2 April, 2019.

The causes of the coronavirus, diseases and cancer are the chemicals in medicines, food, agriculture and the chemtrails in the air….!

The CONTACT with DEAD CELLS (chemicals) causes confusing SIDE EFFECTS and are the cause of diseases, cancer and viruses.

Logical way healing
Healing made simple
Healthy MeToo (78)
Goodbye: quarantines, medicines, sicknesses, cancer, vaccinations and viruses.
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