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Antoon Soetens  – bachelor of industrial chemistry – scientist – inventor

1966 biological and clinical research Simon Stevin institute Bruges Belgium – Director Dr. Peeters advises me by letter to do research.
1968 – 1971 research in the nutrition sector in Johannesburg South Africa.
1972 independently with numerous inventions and achievements of all kinds.

1982 Silver medal international exhibition of inventions in Geneva: aesthetic solar collector on roof tiles.

2000 Discovery of the assistant referee’s impossible task in an offside determination. Due to his forced position: he has to follow the penultimate defender and therefore, he has no freedom of movement to see the moment of play of the ball if a player obstructs his view. I first discovered the solution and then the problem.

2007 invention of healing method as provided by planet Earth: healing made simple.

Scientists and doctors also have an impossible task, because no biological cell is known. 

The good news: I discovered the solution, so everyone can heal themselves given the simplicity of treatment..

2015 discovery of how to reactivate the thymus.
2017 discovery of a biological dental filling.



Planet Earth is a magnet and possesses living cells and dead materials.

–              The living cells possess magnetic properties, which allow them to grow, multiply and die. Humanity, the animal kingdom, and nature possess these living cells.

–              The dead materials are metals, rocks, and chemicals and can only be used in the industry.

Every reasonable person knows that one cannot repair living cells with dead components (chemistry).
The animal world and nature have no doctors and are the healthiest on planet Earth, so man should not have a doctor either if he follows the logic of planet Earth.

In 2007 I discovered the logical healing method:

If you answer about 50 questions with yes or no we are able to determine the weak parts of your biological system.

When your biological system has problems, it sends signals, where it wants to be treated.

The kind of natural products, were also discovered, your biological system selects only the necessary elements.

So you get personalized treatment without side effects and you are cured in 2 or 3 months

The treatment is on the skin in specific places and with particular plants.

Your skin selects the necessary cells to carry out recovery or healing: physically or psychologically and without side effects.
Given its simplicity, anyone can heal themselves or prevent any diseases, even prostate, Alzheimer, cancers, … as long as you can eat and walk.


A cure has nothing to do with science because only Nature has the solution!

A Parisian scientist reported to me: “The scientists have been looking in the wrong direction”.
I discovered also a personalized solution to prevent and cure cramps. A cramp disappears within 20 seconds and you can continue playing.

More, we assure you of lifelong health because you know your weak systems: fee from 1.445 euros + included diagnosis + 3 months assistance.

For complex diseases: Alzheimer, dementia, schizophrenia, cancer, … fee from 2.445 euros: treatment is about 6 months Please make contact: the solution exists, Nature makes no exceptions but the time of treatment is longer.

If you are not ill: also have a diagnosis made and we will discover your weak systems and advise you what to do in order to have lifelong health: from 945 euros

Bank: La Caixa: account : Antoon Soetens

IBAN: ES44 2100 6737 0010 9342


REF: your personalized treatment

NB: Please confirm your payment by email to  antoon.soetens@outlook.com  

Paypal: donation or treatment: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=TVWX5XWRQH7UG  

Nothing is more pleasant than healing oneself. Nature has foreseen everything, only man had to discover this: my 2007 invention.

I WISH FOR A HEALTHY AND HAPPY WORLD.                        

– I was the guinea pig and I don´t know where the limit is, because every year I feel younger.

Enjoy your healthy life, a living “diamond“.

Antoon is 81 years old, thanks to Nature.

Consult a doctor in case of an accident.

contact: antoon.soetens@outlook.com

Twitter: http://@healthsoetens


” The greatness of the invention is its simplicity “  – digestive complications were solved.  

” the scientists looked the wrong way”  -  a dentist got faulty bio-computers and a chronic headache. 

” thank you, I started my bakery, my life´s dream” – problem:  burn-out, pressure in the head, poor circulation… 

” We come to Tenerife to thank you” French family, - problems poor: circulation – metabolic system – motor system -… 

” Anton, thank you I´m all right, Peter invites you to play golf” – problem: Crohn´s disease, after 4 years of treatment with drugs, no result, after 6 weeks of logical treatment the disease was gone. 

“I never realized: that health was such a pleasant experience” - problems: headache, tension in the head, metabolic problem, hypertension, heart problem, poor circulation, excessive sweating, memory problem (Alzheimer), and mental problems. After 10 weeks of treatment. 70 % recovery, after 3 months of treatment all systems were recovered, and after 2 years:  the memory was restored for 100 %: which means that our systems have many spare parts! + much more …

“After 36 years I am healthy again” …. drugs were the problem.


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Overview of my inventions by GersonTobsport Nederland until 2009


Important invention of my son Thomas co-founder http://www.immersivedesignstudios.com TV is thing of the past and you determine the size of your screen + the quality will be 32K.

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