Healing Made Simple


Antoon Soetens  – chemical engineer – scientist – inventor

1966 biological and clinical research Simon Stevin institute Bruges Belgium – Director Dr Peeters advises me by letter to do research.
1968 – 1971 research in the nutrition sector Johannesburg South Africa.
1972 independently with numerous inventions and achievements of all kinds.

1980 Silver medal international exhibition of inventions in Geneva in 1982. 

2007 invention healing made simple 
2015 discovery how to reactivate the thymus.
2017 discovery of a biological dental filling.

2007           A NEW HEALING METHOD              HEALING MADE SIMPLE   


Planet Earth, a pinhead large in the universe, is a magnet and possesses living cells and dead materials.

–              The living cells possess magnetic properties, which allows them to grow, multiply and die. Humanity, animal kingdom and nature possess these living cells.

–              The dead materials are metals, rocks and chemicals and can only be used in industry.

Every reasonable person knows that one cannot repair or help living cells with dead components (chemistry).
However, University students and Bachelor’s are taught that this is possible. Consequence the biological system reacts with side effects, which means “you are doing something wrong” and obscure damage is done.
More this is legally approved and because of this man is poisoned day and night by the chemicals in food, medicines, care products, soils, …

The animal world and nature have no doctor and are the healthiest of planet Earth, so man should not have a doctor either if he follows the logic of planet Earth.
In 2007 I discovered a logical healing method: the treatment is on the skin in specific places and with specific plants. Your skin selects the necessary cells to carry out a recovery or healing: physically or psychologically.
Given its simplicity, anyone can heal themselves    


A cure has nothing to do with science, because only Nature has the solution!

You are not sick, you are poisoned (90%) and all kinds of diseases, cancers and viruses arise!!!

A Parisian scientist reported to me: “the scientists have been looking in the wrong direction”



The general solution will restore or update all your systems and rest assured you will be healed, but it may take a few weeks longer.

If you like a private treatment, make a donation and we do a diagnosis according to the invention. You will receive a questionnaire of about 50 questions that you answer with yes or no. We are able to discover the weak systems and we will send you the personalized solution by email.




In 2007 I discovered:

– Human and nature are complementary.

– When human has a disorder, it emits signals to get help, I discovered the signals and the natural products to realize a recovery.

– The signals are areas that are painful or sensitive when pushing and are situated just under the skin, all the areas have been discovered, the natural products as well.

– Consequently, the treatment is on the skin in specific areas and with specific natural products.

– Your biological system only selects the cells that are necessary to restore a disorder: you get for the first time a personalized treatment + without side effects + it cures.

– Because everything is internally connected it heals all physical or psychological disorders if you respect the order of treatment and advices.

– As a result, every disease or change of behavior will be cured.                          

– I was the guinea pig and I don´t know where the limit is, because every year I feel younger, I have 79 years.



It is normal that from now on you only eat food that is free of poison (chemical additives) and that you do not take medicines because they are poison (contain chemical products) and do not cure anything, the side effects are the proof.

Since your body is poisoned, the poison in all your systems will be removed by the treatments.

It is imperative that you respect the order of treatment.

  1. Bio-computers. (head)
  2. Circulatory system.
  3. Lymphatic system (defense system)
  4. Metabolic system.
  5. Digestive system
  6. Central nervous system
  1. Treatment of the head: the bio-computers

The bio-computers process all incoming signals:

– physical: temperature, humidity, speed, radiation, …

– psychological: feeling, sadness, love, stress, unhelpfulness, danger, fear, anxiety dreams, depression,  …

– physical: unreasonable: temperature, humidity, speed, radiation, …

If negative signals must be processed for too long, bio-computers block and send signals to get help, which are in areas A – B – C – D – E.

If the treatment of the bio-computers is not in time, the weakest system will be attacked, and one can get a disease.

Treatment of the bio-computers located on the head: area A – B – C – D and E is with garlic.

All areas are treated left and right because everything is connected, and your biological system only selects the necessary cells.

Figure 1.

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Zone A: just above the ear, when pressing in each point of the area it is possible that you feel sensitive or painful points: it is an indication that something must be restored.

Treatment with garlic:

Garlic is one of the most important fruits on earth, its effectiveness in internal use has been known to date: it provides man with energy and disinfects.

Today, the other qualities are discovered when applied to the skin:

  • it expels the poison.
  • restores the damaged structures of the cells.
  • experimental evidence is the proof.

The treatment is with garlic clove:

Cut a garlic clove in half and rub the zone A, left and right: for 6 seconds, do it twice a day.

Do this for 3 weeks until you experience that certain areas are less painful or become painless when pushed: evidence of recovery and healing.

After 1 week of treatment of zone A, do the same treatment for areas B, C and D (all over the forehead) and E (area from the ear to the shoulder)

During the treatment you will feel that the pressure in the head will decrease and your mind will become clearer, you will sleep better, in short you experience a pleasant feeling: the recovery of the bio-computers is started.

Important: After each treatment you should rest for half an hour because the biological system cannot tolerate activity when it is performing a recovery!

You can wash the treated areas after 1 hour, with a little soap, no detergent (heavy poison).


  1. Treatment of the circulatory system

You have poor circulation if you do not feel tingling in the feet and hands. Other features include: muscle aches, cramps, joint pain, osteoarthritis, stiffness, cold hands and feet, headache, pressure in the head, chest pain: usually left, …

After 2 weeks of treatment of the bio computers (A – B – C – D – E) you can already start with the treatment of the circulatory system.

You treat the arteries in the neck (dotted line, fig 2) + the points on the leg figure 3 (left and right) + the lower back: figure 4 , with garlic for 2 weeks and do not forget to rest for half an hour after each treatment.

fig 2


Treatment of the legs fig 3

A: area, about 6 cm above the knee (inside)

area red (left – right), the muscles just next to the shin

B: area(red) about 15 cm from the sole of the foot.

You treat the area C, the knee, (delicate zone) with 2 drops of lavender oil, once a day for 2 weeks.

You treat areas A and B (red) for 6 seconds with garlic twice a day for 2 weeks and you rest for half an hour after each treatment.


  • Rub muscles: legs, arms and shoulders with garlic for 4 seconds a day during 3 weeks.
  • The sexual systems can also be activated or restored, get in touch.

C: The treatment of areas in contact with the heart.

Area (5 cm wide) under the left armpit to the bottom rib, rub with garlic for 6 seconds, once a day for 1 week. It is necessary to rest for half an hour after the treatment.

This returns the heart veins and heart to an optimal condition.

D: lower back and shoulder points treatment:

Figure 4

This area starts at the level of the navel to the bottom link of the spine.

This promotes blood flow in the back and legs and restores reflexes, including when the temperature changes, the amount of moisture in the body is automatically adjusted. Better circulation in the back, promotes and heals back pains, cramps, and promotes bowel movements.

If you have a cramp rub this zone with garlic and within 15 seconds the cramp has disappeared, and you can exercise again. It is recommended for professionals to treat this area before exercise, you prevent cramps and strains.

Note: To get an effective response, sometimes all systems must recover first.

3. Treatment of the lymphatic system (immune system)

Prevents diseases, viruses + increases higher immunity.

figure 5

area B is located below the collarbone on the far left and right.

Treat area B (lymph node) with garlic for 6 seconds, twice a day for 2 weeks. A rest period of half an hour after each treatment is necessary.

Start the treatment after you have already been treating the circulation for 1 week, so you have already been treating the bio-computers for 2 weeks, the circulation for 1 week and now you start with the treatment of the lymphatic system.

Also treat areas A, C, D, E, F and G for 6 seconds for 1 week – 2 times a day

4. Treatment of the metabolic system.

Characteristics of a disorder of the metabolic system are:

– painful thyroid gland, felt when the neck is pressed.

– fluctuations in blood pressure.

– perspiration.

– feeling weak, fainting.

– too much saliva.

– weight gain – diabetes.

– prostate problems (rub testicles daily with 2 drops of lavender oil) + repair or update other systems! Prostate is caused by a mutation of disorders.

The cause of the condition are mainly the chemicals in the food, especially charcuterie, + … that disrupt the metabolic system during chewing, but also the flavorings (chemicals) in the soft drinks, ice cream, toothpaste, … please avoid the chemicals!

After 1 week of treatment of the circulatory system, you start treatment of the metabolic system.

Figure 6

This delicate green zone (thyroide) is treated externally with lavender oil: 2 drops for 2 weeks and internally with Aloe Vera by drinking a little Aloe Vera water.

Apply a little lavender oil to the finger in the morning and place it under the tongue, this promotes the salivary glands, and this is also an antioxidant.

If the concentration is too great (you will feel a reaction from the mouth), spit it out partially.

The space of the mouth plays an important role in achieving a recovery.

The metabolic system selects the necessary cells for recovery.

General: Rub joints, testicles and glans with lavender oil.

figure 7 Aloe Vera

How to use the Aloe Vera plant?

Place an Aloe Vera leaf in a glass of water.

Cut off 1 cm if the liquid turns yellow, repeat until the liquid is clear. (cut off after an hour, normally 3 times)

Drink a small sip of the clear liquid (every 2 hours), it tastes fresh.

Every day you cut another ½ cm and you change the water.

When cutting a piece of lick on the plant, it tastes bitter and sour, the ingredients are acetyl salicylic acid, but here it is the biological aspirin, without any side effects.

Your thyroid gland also finds necessary components here and the metabolic system, blood pressure system + sensitive parts recover.

The blood is also kept in a better condition: viscosity and composition, this prevents arteriosclerosis, cholesterol, and thrombosis.

Consequently, do not forget to lick the plant regularly and drink a little of the liquid, clear or slightly red.

You can also eat the colorless of the plant (gel).

After 3 weeks you will also feel an improvement in the stomach, intestines, kidneys, and liver.

– brush your teeth after every breakfast:

You immediately obtain a colorless foam: the enzyme: the antioxidant.

– at the first turn, spit out the foam and then keep the foam for as long as possible in the mouth, the antioxidant dissipates all corruption, then swallow the foam.

Aloe Vera also protects your skin against UV sun rays and restores your skin: anti-aging – excellent make-up product

Order Aloe Vera a leaf: https://www.pencazabila.net/es/comprar-aloe-vera-plantas-y-hojas/

6. Treatment of the central nervous system.

Figure 8

A disturbance is characterized by you do not tolerate a cold shower, you do not like sunbathing, you are clumsy, you have cramps and sometimes you have motor disorders, …


Red zones on the shoulder left and right + the red zone on the spine (from the navel to the lower spine), treat with garlic for 6 seconds and 2 times a day for 2 weeks. A rest period of 15 minutes after each treatment is sufficient.

After this treatment, cramps are still a rarity, you are less clumsy, the trembling of the hands and legs disappear, your balance is better and the water content in your body is optimal: proof if you are suddenly in a very cold zone you will have to urinating: the colder the less water, the warmer the more water your body needs.


After all these treatments you should feel relaxed and feel the difference, sometimes it may take several weeks because the speed of recovery is determined by the complications in your body, so be patient.

In dementia, Alzheimer, … recovery can take to 6 months, but you will feel the difference every month.

Please stop the poisoning of your body by chemicals, medicines, …. it is a necessity to be healed!

– check the ingredients on the packaging and if they contain chemicals do not buy them,

– citric acid, must be lemon juice.

– salt: NaCl – KCl (table salt) are chemicals should be sea salt without anti-coagulation products, “fleur de sel”  is the best.

– Again: all vitamins’ supplements vitamins are only in the diet.

– Again: all Omega fatty acids that are supposedly selected by a laboratory are fake, eat a few sardines or other fish and you have the right type and amount of Omega fatty acids and iodine.

– Again: the products containing vitamin C (ascorbic acid) as a preservative, especially in cheese, bread, … and sulfates in the wine, …are poison!

– Again: all detergents are GREAT poison: when washing dishes and food: wash by hand and use apple cider vinegar to expel oil.

– Brush your teeth with white clay (Vögel) or use Aloe Vera gel of the plant!

In fact, it is simple for the care products: if you don’t eat it, you cannot apply it to your skin.

– Do not use non-stick pans anymore, the non-stick product is a great poison.

– Do not take medicines: 99% is poison and unreasonable way of administration. (Internal) – you will not be healed, you will be poisoned!

– A mutation of unreasonable treatments will lead to cancer and viruses .

– You cannot develop cancer or complex diseases after these treatments and diet without chemicals.

– If systems are disrupted again, treat them for 2 or 3 days and everything will be back in balance.

– I always have white clay (Vögel) in the house, it repairs diphtheria, intestinal problems, fungi, …

The treatments will bring back your health and pleasant world + your freedom, without viruses, cancers and diseases.

I was the guinea pig, my insight and experience were the basis for making the right decisions and yet it took me 9000 hours to discover everything:

  • restudy of the chemistry, biology plants, body: (what is known and what is not),
  • legislation,
  • pharmaceutical fake products (pills, injections, vaccinations, radiation, …),
  • discovery of the poison in food,
  • study of the planet Earth, pyramids, universe, and Aliens.

My conclusion is:

  • how is it possible that no one has disproved F. Wöhler’s theory (1828) that claimed: “that one can make living cells with dead cells”
  • the start of chemistry (dead cells) in agriculture and food are the cause of diseases, viruses and cancer.
  • growing the plant faster with chemicals is a side effect to eliminate the poison faster!!!
  • My discovery of the body’s signals in case of poisoning are the basis of my new healing method that makes the world healthy and pleasant again.

Enjoy your healthy life, a living “diamond“.

Antoon 79 years, thanks Nature.

Are you satisfied, please donate and you are a member of the NEW HEALTHY WORLD + you support the dossier for eliminating the chemicals in the food, which were legally approved, an unreasonable act!


Consult a doctor in case of a accident.

You need a written permission to commercialize the treatments. All rights reserved for 2021.