Healing Made Simple


Antoon Soetens  – chemical engineer – scientist – inventor

1966 biological and clinical research Simon Stevin institute Bruges Belgium – Director Dr Peeters advises me by letter to do research.
1968 – 1971 research in the nutrition sector Johannesburg South Africa.
1972 independently with numerous inventions and achievements of all kinds.

1980 Silver medal international exhibition of inventions in Geneva in 1982. 

2007 invention logical way healing – Belgium –

A Norwegian professor designates me as the “engineering doctor”
2015 discovery how to reactivate the thymus.
2017 discovery of a biological dental filling.



BE  CURED  WITH  A  SMILE  without side effects



The invention
The new healing method puts an end to diseases, cancers, viruses, vaccinations, … and quarantines.
I have discovered:
Man and nature help each other through a treatment in specific zones and with specific natural products.
If the biological system has a problem, it sends out signals in specific places to get help: these places were discovered.
If these areas are treated, externally on the skin, with a specific natural product, the biological system is restored.
By answering about 50 questions I can discover your specific places + the faulty systems.
The order of treatment is important.
The treatment is on the skin for 6 seconds twice a day.
Your skin only selects the necessary products to perform a recovery, so you have no side effects.
Within 6 to 10 weeks you will be cured according to the number of failed systems.
The treatment of Dementia, Alzheimer,… + complex diseases lasts from 4 to 6 months, but every month you feel an improvement, the fee is 1435 euros.
Put your health FIRST
For 645 euros you get:
a personalized diagnosis + personalized treatment
+ without side effects  + maximum immunity and DNA quality.
Health is a right for everyone.
Bank LaCaixa / account Antoon Soetens     
IBAN:  ES44210067376221001099343              BIC:  CAIXESBBXXX
Ref: Health solution: diagnosis and treatment.
You receive by mail the questions in order to make the diagnosis.
Answer about 50 yes or no questions and we can map weak systems + work out your personalized treatment. Within the 48 hours you receive the personalized treatment.

Even if you are not sick, it is advisable to do a check-up, we discover your weak systems and the first signals. The check-up ensures lifelong health and the quality of your DNA will increase and promotes creativity + spirituality + ….


” the greatness of the invention is its simplicity ”  – digestive complications were solved. 

” the scientists looked the wrong way”  –  a dentist got faulty bio-computers and a chronic headache.

” thank you, I started my bakery, my life´s dream” – problem:  burn-out, pressure in the head, bad circulation…

” we come to Tenerife to thank you” : French family:  problem: poor circulation – metabolic system – motoric system -…

” Anton, thank you I´m all right, Peter invites you to play golf” – problem: disease of Crohn, after 4 years treatment with drugs, no result, after 6 weeks logical treatment the disease was gone.

” I never realized me that health was such a pleasant experience” – problems: headache, tension in the head, metabolic problem, hypertension, heart problem, poor circulation, motoric problem, excessive sweating, memory problem, mental problems. After 10 weeks treatment. 70 % recovery, after 3 months treatment all systems were recovered, after 2 years:  the memory restored for 100 %: it means that our systems have many spare parts !


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image001.jpg

I was the guinea pig in 2007, I am nearly 79 years old, every year I feel younger, where is the limit, I don’t know. It is proof that your body has many spare parts, if you request them correctly: my invention.



updated 22 January, 2021



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