Healing Made Simple


Antoon Soetens  – bachelor industrial chemistry – scientist – inventor

1966 biological and clinical research Simon Stevin institute Bruges Belgium – Director Dr Peeters advises me by letter to do research.
1968 – 1971 research in the nutrition sector Johannesburg South Africa.
1972 independently with numerous inventions and achievements of all kinds.

1980 Silver medal international exhibition of inventions in Geneva in 1982. 

2007 invention healing made simple 
2015 discovery how to reactivate the thymus.
2017 discovery of a biological dental filling.

2007           A NEW HEALING METHOD              HEALING MADE SIMPLE   


Planet Earth, a pinhead large in the universe, is a magnet and possesses living cells and dead materials.

–              The living cells possess magnetic properties, which allows them to grow, multiply and die. Humanity, animal kingdom and nature possess these living cells.

–              The dead materials are metals, rocks and chemicals and can only be used in industry.

Every reasonable person knows that one cannot repair or help living cells with dead components (chemistry).
However, University students and Bachelor’s are taught that this is possible, consequence the biological system reacts with side effects, which means “you are doing something wrong” and obscure damage is done.
More this is legally approved and because of this man is poisoned day and night by the chemicals in food, medicines, care products, soils, …

The animal world and nature have no doctor and are the healthiest of planet Earth, so man should not have a doctor either if he follows the logic of planet Earth.
In 2007 I discovered a logical healing method: the treatment is on the skin in specific places and with specific plants. Your skin selects the necessary cells to carry out a recovery or healing: physically or psychologically.
Given its simplicity, anyone can heal themselves, but it is recommended that you seek my help in the initial treatments for psychological reasons + experience.


A cure has nothing to do with science, because only Nature has the solution!

You are not sick, you are poisoned (90%) and all kinds of diseases, cancers and viruses arise!!!

A Parisian scientist reported to me: “the scientists have been looking in the wrong direction”



The solution will restore or update all your systems.

Make a donation: example 2% of your annual income: minimum 450 euros. After the treatment you have the opportunity to recover your donation in steps + much more, I will explain what to do. The intention is to make the world healthy again.

First, we make a diagnosis according to the invention. You will receive a questionnaire of about 50 questions that you answer with yes or no. We are able to discover the weak systems and we will send you the personalized solution by email + you will receive assistance during the treatment. 


I WISH FOR A HEALTHY AND HAPPY WORLD.                        

– I was the guinea pig and I don´t know where the limit is, because every year I feel younger, I have 79 years.

Enjoy your healthy life, a living “diamond“.

Antoon 79 years, thanks Nature.

Consult a doctor in case of a accident.

contact: antoon.soetens@outlook.com


” the greatness of the invention is its simplicity “  – digestive complications were solved.  

” the scientists looked the wrong way”  -  a dentist got faulty bio-computers and a chronic headache. 

” thank you, I started my bakery, my life´s dream” – problem:  burn-out, pressure in the head, poor circulation… 

” we come to Tenerife to thank you” French family, - problem: poor circulation – metabolic system – motor system -… 

” Anton, thank you I´m all right, Peter invites you to play golf” – problem: disease of Crohn, after 4 years treatment with drugs, no result, after 6 weeks logical treatment the disease was gone. 

” I never realized me that health was such a pleasant experience” - problems: headache, tension in the head, metabolic problem, hypertension, heart problem, poor circulation and motor system, excessive sweating, memory problem, mental problems. After 10 weeks treatment. 70 % recovery, after 3 months treatment all systems were recovered, after 2 years:  the memory restored for 100 %: it means that our systems have many spare parts!.

  • much more …

updated: 1.09 2021

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